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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  September 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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dozens of races down donald trumpof introduces his much-anticipated speech on immigration reform in the novel backpe and students got a speci back-to-school treat a drug te test. talk about the new
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lake-effect showers are cool air over the warmer lake and just a few hit and miss showers todayus. labor day weekend, is looking fantastic not any kind of storms. currently sending 5 degrees. akron-canton 74,
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anywhere between five and 10 degrees below yesterday at this time. you will notice a big differenc today. on radar, it is dry the moment but it has some lake-effect showers over lake huron and lake michigan. we do have a northerly wind brings in cooler temperatures. you cannot rule out a few showers today dewpoints are in the 50s. with low to mid '70s temperatures t. you may need a light jacket it will be down into the upper '60s this evening. it does look like it will last into the holiday weekend.
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vice president joe biden, delivers a speech tonight in parma campaigning to help democrats and hillary clinton t win the biggest office in the land, with more on what we can expect tonight . expected to speak at the uaw hall around 6:00 p.m. to focus upon the economy. take you live where he is speaking at a uaw hall, had team trump art, the hillary clinton campaign to focus on her rising ratings ss is sinking lower,ra listen to w he just said about donald trump and donald trump's catchphrase
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you come from a household where some people were fired, where the plants closed down, where they are staring at the howard god's name, they say how my going to make it? hillary clinton to be here this coming monday police arrested 68-year-old kenneth blanchard o minerva after they found a man who had been shot to death at a valley street told the victim identified ast 35-year-old michael fairchild who they say he was in a relationship with kenneth blanchard's daughter bu she was not at the residence at
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charged with murder.ha a mothe and two others but guilty connection with a drug-related death of a 16-year-old at a hotel, andrew frye died from a heroin overdose in green in a poll, they said that his mother grandmother in france were in the hotel room prior to his death they pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter and other charges facing sentencing next month new drug testing policies in effect at wellington high school focusing on student involved in sports or who drive to school, at least 1 percent havedr opted into the program and can be randomly tested as often as each week. superintendent thomas tucker said students involved in activities are subject of the policy he says that anybody who tests positive ones will be given help through rehab or aa drug counselor.
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opportunity to say that i want to do this to be clean andnd to deal with any peer pressure. to say that i don't want to do tha an athlete nt to be or t a drama club member. any student can opt-in, even if they do not play sports or drive to school. browns fans going to tonight's final preseason game may end up paying more forn food than the ticket, mark lime amazing ticket says sales have been slow, he says the team has had a poor present performances but the low demand for tickets is not surprising, this is the game is held on a school night and the starters usually play,h the low demand also means that you can buy tickets dirt cheapn in fact a price to get seat inside the stadium can be cheaper than some high school games. >> $100.08 cell for about
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ticket and that is the face value of the season ticket price, $19 tickets sell for abouta six or $7. is that some of the more expensive club seat sell for about $65 and that the cheap tickets allow some people who cannot afford to have a ticket at a browns game, kickof against the bears will be at 8:00 p.m. still to come, he wants a wall and he has a name
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contrast reid binion report. >> want to thank you >> donald trump, went to mexico after a week of back-and-forth on immigration that with the mexican president. >> has been a tremendous honor, in arizona, heating up during his speech on immigration. there will be no amnesty. >> trumbo slamming the obama administration claimed that the failed to understand the scale of the issue of undocumented immigrants in the united states. >> the could be three, it could be 30 million they have no idea. >> also going after hillary clinton.
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low skilled immigration. >> after deriding his plan he presented his own, starting wit the promisee has reiterated many times. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border in mexico will pay for the waller. >> laid out a multipoint plan including tougher enforcement o existing laws, scrapping some executive orders on immigration andap zero tolerance for undocumented immigrants arreste for crimes in the us. >> i willll create a new specia >> is the moment to take anothe swipe at clayton . >> maybe they can deport her. >> i'm reid binion reporting. appearance as his kids are not ready to be on social media that's why he will meet with this teacher about confusing note concerning his son, he says that his son's eighth grade teacher wants the class to use twitter to keep up with homewort sent them after the first day o
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intend to use social media to discuss classroom info and discuss assignments and encourage students and teachers to beat responsible digital citizens.. >> high schools in parts of texas and florida led the studentsd get creative with parking spots. they personalized the parking spaces by painting them, showcase thei creativity, some pay for the parking spot in the money goes
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it is 75 degrees cleveland and low 70s ashtabula, youngstown akron-canton.n. youngstown wit 77 on radar, we have a core air mass moving over the water temperature of the lake, 78 with low 70s coming across the warmer like we have thosese lak effecte you can see them starting to move over sanduskyky also cedar poin make it a sprinkle. this will not be a big deal just hit and miss showers throughout the day mainly lake effect as you lose the daytime heat you lose the risk ofas thunderstorms.
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a gorgeous day no problems open up your windows, it is so nice. what is not nice is from the gulf of mexico a tropical storm that likely will become at category one hurricane as it makes landfall sometimeca today towards dustin watch this hurricane moving towards the panhandle of florida and then towards the eastern seaboard. see lake effect clouds showers throughout the day today it wil be hit and miss. we will see high pressure building in from canada for the upcoming weekend to keep us dry and the remnants of the tropical storm version o the east coast perk up if you have plans to go there you want
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neurological terminal disease. >> their world came crashing down as she was diagnosed with rare terminal disease. the last eight months she has lost virtually all of her motor it is basically a regression. a genetic mutation that breaksmu down brain cells causi her to have seizures , lose her eyesight and basically going backwards. >> we've gone from she was all over the place and cannot sit u on her own and she cannot feed herself
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with their child. >> tracy curve is the director of development with their that disease support research associationth out of columbu ohio. it affects younger children diagnosed between six months into years and they typically pass away between three and five.gnn kirby says there are 14 different forms of patent disease and no cure. >> we haveard clinical trials two of the form so there is a lot a work to be done. >> in the type their life mov month, she can do less than the month before. >> just think that when my child does this and get to that age, that kind of progression is a normal life, but she has hit the farthest step that she will go and we know that she doesn't have a lot of time. i would trade places with her right now i could, it's just th hardest thing to watch your child go through this and you
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something unimaginable for any parent, they lean on their faith and each other could to get them through empowered by their love for her and raise awareness of the disease. no one should have to watch their child lose skills and fee helpless and know that they're going to lose them i just feel that's why we need to helpg. >> in the long after she's gone were going to make suree, i hop a cure. >> melissa reid fox 8 news. nationwide children's hospital in columbus is the onl location in the united states that is due in clinical trials for that and disease,, we have more info at fox
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some have reported finding small bits of classic i various intimate snack items involving little bitesrtic brownies and chocolate chip muffins with the best by date of october 8 t play in a manufacturing failure at illinois bakery offering fu refunds for customers. there are only available online and as specialty stores next month american girl dolls will be on stores in toys "r" us
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shops and side 100 of the stores not all will be available, they sell the well-wishers line in american girl signaturere to the nidal which has a one and $13 price tag they plan to open more shop next year. >> you need more motivation work? maybe pizza quest markrk study finds that eating pizza creasesends that eating pizza productivity, a grou either pizza, casho , a text from the boss praising the work or nothing at all if they complete all of their work, the group that was promised pizza did better than everyone else,u eve more than the group that received a cash bonus.e where do you kids clothing? many say they know shopping at thrift stores can save money that they are ashamed to shopop that store, a new article says
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usedn items could save them thousands, they won't do it, they don't want to bebe think they're poor and want the kids to be popular.r. forbes has released its list of the highest-paid models and topping the list once again is
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vice president joe biden town delivering a speech in parma campaigning to help democrats and hillary clinton. matt wright joins us with more on what we can expect tonight. he will be speaking at the uaw hal 6:00 p.m. and expect to focus o the economy, he said his warnin campaigning for hillary we spoke at a uaw hall, hitting donald trump hard, the campaign hopes to campaign on the rising rating, he is more off-the-cuff then the democratic nominee wha he said about donald trump and trumpsp catchphrase that you're fired. come from a household where
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closed down, and all of a sudde they stare at the ceiling wondering how they're going to make it. clinton's expected to be in cleveland campaigning monday,le doors open aroun 4:00 o'clock we will bring your coverage of the vice president visitwe fox 8 news matt wright 8 news. will that the sunny skies stick around this is a look from the roof-cam some of us in the low 70s then we start to warm up towards the end of the weekend. looking at the rest of
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sunset at 759. dewpoint is in the 50s, very comfortable. the wind between five and 15 ou of the north. these are sparking some lake-effect showers thanks to the cooler ai air. it is just north of sandusky.
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high pressure continues to filter and clear out these cloudst and tomorrow mostly sunny sky. we are cooler than yesterday, today 76 tonight 56 and tomorrow back into the the tribe sweeps the twins and the browns host the
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preseason game with highlights and your three thursday sports reporth corey kluber ending augustst the end and swept them in a final last night as he won hi 15thl year solo shot makes it to the one indians and then perez follows up in the fifth innin
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to out allowed one run. brian shaw came outan to finish the indian winning eight-four.f coco crisp comes to the tribe for his second stintco the max and told beforehand the unlikely he would get enough appearances to have that $13 million option he was prett cool, just happy to be back. a switch hitter who puts up some pretty good at-bats especially left-handed yet some versatilit and the left-handed can play left in centerfieldld and it is
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there's a way that he naturally. >> the browns versus bears tonight at first energy, k'waun williams rejoined the bears found out that he failed his physical so he is a free agent and in cleveland, carl mastiff loaded as the award winner. given to the most impressive rookie ane browns camp. p kruger, cut by the team mn is in new orleans, he checked out other teams like the cheese nfl has cleared james harrison, and linebacker clay matthews an peppers in their ped investigation all three were alleged to have used steroids and an algeria report card into and
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vote for the game of the week. here are the nominees.mi polls close at nine the winner announced it can and join us tomorrow nighte for friday night touchdown as the first guest hosts will be tracy mccool. proud copley alum friday night touchdown tomorrow
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a story about cell phone use they found that you are likely to adoptptph heart-healthy habits you are guided by a mobile device to improve diet increase
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stop tobacco and alcohol use those usingac apps or receiving messages were able to increase their activity and lose weightht programs with self-monitoring activities worked best morere adults are smoking marijuana, a attitudes change, a study and lancet psychiatry shows about one third of people believe smoking pot is dangerous down from one half bak say that views change as more states allow medical marijuana and four states have legalized it for recreational use the study found the number of marijuana users increased toe 32 million. over shared with your dog or cat, a survey shows that some people take their pet medications, a survey about the prescribed antibiotic use down that some pet owners have done
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veterinarians say they heard about people seeking pain medication for the pet spot the pet antibiotic use was anything they say that takingse pet meds are a bad ide since humans metabolize things differently and could be very updated sex ed curriculum in missouri is upsettingng some of the parkway school district says older students will learn about gay and bisexual issuestrn , as more on the reaction from parents. two hours to read up and watch what will be taught in schoolsls are going to find out by some other means.
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he new curriculum outlining middle school students will be taught gender identity lesbian,gay,bisexual,transgender -lgbt anden consent it has lingered all summer the right to take a separate class is too much too soon is more information that i amwi share with my kids. including themes of abstinence family lif and disease prevention to get clarity what is in the curriculum. >> sayssin for that. beers and ohio are getting stronger but not everybody is in favor of thatatr the pros and cons of
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they can house or bear with no alcohol kappa could it lead to moree drunk driving problems? as matt wright looks at the pro and cons yells and the beer business ability and ohio city, mark edgardo bummed this brewer to increase production and distribution, i how alcohol beers are not a big part of the business plan they plan to tap
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a neighborhood built on beer, ohi city the epicenter of craft brewing in cleveland thanks in part of market garden owner sam mcnulty. >> have been creating over 200 jobs, we have renovated buildings and expanding and removing one restriction like this is going to help us expand more. lawmakers try to boost craft breweries by eliminating the 12 percent limit on alcohol and beer effective wednesday. we are excited. over the door to market gardens 15 percent cap lifter. a beer with 15 percent alcohol is going to hit harder than others, it has the same amount of alcohol is one glass
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small portions this is not the very you want to mow the lawn with this at the bear that you want to sit and savor. it has mothers against drunk driving renewing calls for caution. you should plan ahead call over or get a taxi to get home safely people here are buzzing on the streets of ohio city. >> you want to try every barrier, as far as overdoing it. a higher alcohol content is not the way to go. >> is going to make the uber drivers rich.. market garden is not the only borough or taken advantage of the t law change, platform bear as well as thirsty dogch and hopping frog are also unveiling
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brewing has no plans just yet, matt wright fox 8 news. get ready for the roar on the shore, the air show is slated t be bigger and better than ever. the us army golden knights going through their final preparations for the weekend show take about six dozen parachute dies during the air sho the kickoff is happening at the indians game this friday diving onto the field right now they're working onn perfecting the performance. >> the adrenaline that get you out the door the excitement of the freefall and as soon as you open the canopy atee 2500 feet e view is silent and peaceful. air show tickets are selling fast in advance the big attraction will be the blue
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you can see the lue angels in the distance, prepared for the big cleveland national air show this weekend just although the lakeshore. it's so cool to see them back
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and yet no one has seen lots of changes and ne faces in her 91 years,ng and ar for decades as a restaurant server her biggest challenges the you got that solution back there that i keep up with. >> betty azar has been working at the saratoga and terre ha for 40 years she says talking t the customers as the best part of the day and regulars pop in s& to say hello to her, she now only works on thursday afternoonso ll she says another perk is that she works alongside
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for the holiday weekend forecast lots o saturday into degrees sunday into labor day, very comfortable bed then it gets hotter after the labor day
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today on "the real" -- >> mark-paul gosselaar. >> vanessa lachey. >> tone bell. >> bresha webb. >> the cast of "truth be told" is spilling all their secrets. >> plus how one little girl is making halloween a reality for all. >> and we've got a treat for her. >> it's so amazing. wow. >> "the real." ? this is our time ? ? grab ahold of time and get with it ? ? this is our time ? ? grab ahold of time and get with it ? ? starting right now, right now right now ? ? it's all right we got a choice ? ? it's our time right now ?


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